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Manager’s Guide to Social Media


Aug 8, 2021
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Manager’s Guide to Social Media

Rarely does a new set of tools come along—seemingly rising out
of nowhere—and become such a powerful way to get business
done. At the same time, while social technology tools are indispensible to some people, others can’t grasp what they are or why they
matter. In just the last few years Web sites like Facebook, MySpace,
YouTube, and Flickr have become commonly used by hundreds of millions of people. Services like Twitter, RSS feeds, blogs, and LinkedIn connect us in real time to the thoughts and lives of thousands of people at
once so that we can assemble rivers of information in ways we simply
never had before. All of these new capabilities have the potential to
improve our quality of life and our productivity at work. Of course,
therein lies a manager’s dilemma!
There’s clearly huge potential for social tools to help organizations
reach goals and prosper. There can also be great challenges because the
same tools that connect organizations with their customers and clients
also connect workers with all their friends. The same tools that help
organizations create content and distribute it for free to millions of people also allow employees to access any type of content at their desk at
work. At this moment you either agree that these tools are a powerful
element for the good, or you might believe that they’re the worst things
to hit the workforce since the company holiday party. Regardless of
where you stand on social tech, we all must face the fact that it’s here to
stay, and it’s just a baby at this point.

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